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Hi, I'm Carolina Chaves

Engineer Turned Machine Learning (AI) Programmer

I am passionate about machine learning with 3 years of experience in programming machine learning models, as well as programming in MATLAB and python. I have worked with two AI startups which have given me great insights into collaboration, analytical problem solving, work in machine vision, NLP, tensorflow, and random forest.

I lead product development for ThermoAI, an AI startup focused on reducing global emissions by optimizing power plants using machine learning. In this role, I was able to participate in the top entrepreneur programs in the world. Such as Startup Chile- the top accelerator in Latin America and Techstars' first AI cohort . These amazing programs gave me access to world class mentors, training, as well as experience from working closely alongside some of the most talented entrepreneurs in the world.

Colleagues know me as a highly analytical and constantly curious problem solver, who enjoys new challenges and working in a team to solve big problems. I have come to appreciate the awesome power on machine learning to solve many of societies most complex problems, but also the limitations of AI when implemented in real world conditions. My goal is to continually align myself with projects and groups that will continue to advance my understanding of machine learning and to add my real world entrepreneurial experience to interesting new projects.

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