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  • Co-founder and head of AI research and ML development, ThermoAI

    Jun 2017 - Present

    The founding team of Casting.AI was so impressed with my work that when part of the team left that startup to found ThermoAI, I was invited to join as a co-founder of the startup.

    My experience with ThermoAI has allowed me to work directly with the innovation departments of many of the largest energy companies in the world. I was also directly responsible to applying and receiving over $250,000 in funding from both government grants and private investors.

    My work with ThermoAI also resulted in my first machine learning based patent and our research in the use of boosted gradient trees will soon be published in an academic journal.

    I worked directly with our CTO, a PhD in machine learning from Oxford University, whose mentorship helped a great deal to expand my understanding of ML/AI models.

  • MATLAB and python programmer, Casting.AI

    Feb 2016 – Jun 2017

    Casting.AI being a new startup, I had to take on a lot of responsibilities to help the team meet its goals.

    The solution involved building cluster models that could associate different talent based on their physical features and extracting meaning from text description of previous jobs they had been hired for.

    This project involved a large degree of difficulty, because of the lack of good publicly available data sets for training. And also the amount of human subjectivity in classifying people into different groups.

    This was my first experience into machine learning and I worked closely with more senior developers and learned a great deal about how to collect and analyze data, discuss goals and objectives both in a team and with clients, and finally how to select different ML models and how to combine results from machine vision and NLP to achieve our product goals.

  • Researcher, TAYEA Research Group

    Feb 2015 - May 2017

    I researched innovative new solutions to solve many of the biggest energy problems currently faced around the world. Much of my work focused on optimizing combustion using simulation modeling.

  • Monitor of Mechanical Physics, Universidad Nacional de Colombia

    Feb 2014 - May 2017

    Student support in the development of activities in the laboratories of mechanical physics. Management of softwares and instruments.


  • Universidad Nacional de Colombia

    2012 - 2017

    Chemical Engineer, Chemical Engineering

  • Coursera


    Machine Learning